Lenovo and Xiaomi are booming in India

Jan 4, 2017

Chinese mobile phone brands are booming in India, for the first time ever making up more than half – 51 percent – of new devices in the world’s second largest smartphone market.

Indian brands dropped below 20 percent market share of shipments in November, according to Counterpoint Research, plummeting from 40 percent in early 2016. Xiaomi in October said it sold more than 1 million smartphones in India in the first 18 days of the month.

Smartphone Market in India is considered the second largest market. This is why it is so attractive and for all manufacturers. In recent days I read several articles in which the authors said local producers are gradually removed from the market. If you look carefully you will notice this topic entirely as foreign manufacturers who have climbed the sales charts have opened offices in India.

Discuss patents, about permits. Discuss delays with which they are issued. But I notice that not also discuss the number of jobs created in India by manufacturers in China. As local producers are protected by so they become unproductive. It is a lesson that few have the courage to admit econimisti. The competition is productive.

What i understand from this article is that a market entry plan differs completely from that of entering another market. These days follow attentively press releases at CES 2017. The US market has its peculiarities based first and foremost on compliance with a legal framework. Indian market has its peculiarities based on protecting the local workforce.

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