Lei Jun used an iPhone – accidentally or intentionally

May 14, 2020

Lei Jun recommended how many books on an Asian social network that automatically displays which smartphone brand the author uses – he was using an iPhone.

Following the discussions in the media due to this post, Lei Jun deleted her message from the respective social network. The question remains. Was it an incident or was it intentional?

I think Lei Jun knew that the respective social network shows him the smartphone model he used. A person who thinks about the future is involuntarily attentive to details sensitive to public opinion. Ordinary people pay attention to the details they are used to. They pay attention to the details I know. Visionary people have different attention. They pay attention to the details that make the difference. To the details I meet for the first time or occasionally.

Again. It is my opinion. I read the opinions of some editors who claimed that there were people who used products from the competition. To test them. Out of curiosity. Because they were superior in quality. These are insignificant details. The connection between Lei Jun and Xioami smartphones is a sentimental connection. He definitely tested the iPhone smartphone but I doubt he uses them personally.

I would correlate this case with recent discussions about allegations of information gathering forms by a US company.

By Tudor
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