Lei Jun he donated £735 Million Xiaomi Bonus to Charity

Apr 16, 2019

Lei Jun, one of five co-founders of the company and has been compared to being the Steve Jobs of China, he donated £735 Million Xiaomi Bonus to Charity.

After several months of waiting, I got very important news about Xiaomi’s strategy. For a beginner publisher, this news may be irrelevant, or may be downgraded to fans’ loyalty. Instead, for an experienced publisher who has followed the evolution of a brand over many years, this news story contains a discreet message.

We are at the crossroads. Everything changes around us. Financial markets are changing. Changing marketing strategies. Mentalities change. We have a radical change in lifestyle. We meet people who turn their attention to their own financial comfort and people who support the comfort of their community.

I understand. The day Xiaomi will enter the US market is approaching. But they will also bring with them the Xiaomi mentality – a mentality different from that of the competitors on the local market. Confrontation has become of major importance. There is no confrontation between smart technology manufacturers. It has become a confrontation between attitudes. Strong attitudes.

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