Expect strong competition between Redmi and Samsung Galaxy M

Jan 9, 2019

Even if there are a few days before the Beijing event where the new Redmi will be launched, the main competitor in India has begun to announce the launch of new competitive products.

“Samsung is also in better position in offline market and a robust service network. The only caveat has been Xiaomi sacrificing margins and out-pricing competition — the challenge which Samsung will have to crack with these new models,” said Neil Shah, Partner and Research Director at Counterpoint Research told IANS. (source millenniumpost.in)

At such times, you can see the result of the work of a professional marketing department. And the Xiaomi marketing team in India is an example that has been remarked on various occasions.

Samsung has focused on the luxury market. It’s a big profits market. This is true. But it’s a limited market. Instead, Xiaomi confirmed that it did not give up on the market with low financial possibilities. This is why Redmi has become an independent brand.

In the coming days, Samsung promised to launch two smartphones – M10 for around Rs 9,500 and M20 for nearly Rs 15,000 to maintain its market share. This year’s fierce battle between two rivals is announced.

I remind you that last year Xiaomi has invested enormously in developing the offline network in India. It was just one stage. This year, we will witness direct online and offline competition between the two companies.

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