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May 23, 2018

Xiaomi fans have a new select club – Mi VIP Club. It is for the VIP members who have been highlighted in Reward Mi and Referral.

Mi VIP Club

Last year I enrolled in Reward Mi. For personal reasons I could not be too active. I was extremely busy during this period with another project. When I signed up, I met some Xiaomi fans I kept in touch with. We signed up the same day. We started from the same level. Today I envy them. They have respected their promises and have succeeded in highlighting. They managed to climb level by level. There are moments in life where motivation is essential.

This club is for those who are motivated. Financial interests. Desiring to be among the first to test a new product. Desiring to be invited to launch smart products. Wish list is long. This club is for those who generate sales, not just online traffic.

Mi VIP Club FAQs

1. What is Mi VIP Club?
Mi VIP Club is an exclusive club of Mi fans. All the members belongs to one of the 4 tier classes. All members can avail unique benefits like early access to phones, coupons, chance to join launch events and much more.

2. How can I join Mi VIP Club?
Joining Mi VIP Club is very easy. Just Sign in, read T&C and agree to join Mi VIP Club. All Mi VIP Club members are also part of Reward Mi

3. What are VIP points and how do I collect them?
Every user can get 1% of transaction values as Mi VIP Point. Your Tier class depends on the Mi VIP Points earned by you.

4. How do I get to the next tier?
Keep shopping on Mi Store! Once you have enough VIP Points required to move to the next tier, you will automatically start getting tier privileges.

5. Will I continue to get advantages of Reward Mi and referral once I join Mi VIP Club?
Yes, users will continue to get all privileges of Reward Mi and Referral

6. Will I keep getting advantages of Reward Mi and Refer Mi if i join Mi VIP Club?
Yes, users will continue to get all privileges of Reward Mi and Referral.

7. Is there any welcome offer for Mi VIP Club?
As a welcome gesture, if your order was delivered between Feb 1st 2018 (00:00 hours) to April 26th 2018 (23:59 hours), you will receive equivalent Mi VIP Club equivalent to 1% of the total transaction(s) carried out by you during such period. There is no cap on the Mi VIP Points per user. You will also be part of the respective Tier based on the Mi VIP Points earned.Users can get benefits of Mi VIP Club only after joining the program.

8. Is there any limit on the number of Mi VIP points I can get?
No, there is no limit on the number of Mi VIP points you earn.

9. What is the validity of Mi VIP points?
Mi VIP Points are valid for a minimum period twelve (12) months and maximum period of eighteen (18) months. Mi VIP Points will expire based on following schedule:

To join Mi VIP Club now, follow this link

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