What Drone Camps thinks about Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

Check out this updated review of the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K edition. Overview, whats included, options, connectivity, and 4K video. The best 4K drone under $ 400?
With 4K video and detachable $ 279 4K replaceable gimbal this is a real competitor to DJI. But is the price right? You’re the judge.

Drone Camps

This is the message with which XIAOMI GLOBAL COMMUNITY posts the next record on the Youtube channel. I love the challenges. I learned to be careful about the details. Especially the details that go unnoticed by those around. The fewer we notice, the better we feel. The most prominent is the one who first notices them. Did you find the answer to the question?

Who is Justin Davis?

“Aviation is in my blood. I have to credit Encyclopedia Britannica for getting me into it. At 6 or 7 years old I was reading in any books I could find about the basics of aviation and rocketry.”
– Justin Davis.

Justin was born just 30 minutes from where the Wright Brothers first flew.

Justin started flying in 1985 with an 8 foot wing span balsa glider that his father gave him for Christmas. Justin later developed a passion for flying and tuning nitro powered R/C airplanes, and helicopters. In 1988 he met Eddie Gray. Eddie was 27 years old and a private pilot and R/C modeller. Eddie mentored Justin to fly, build, and learn to fly full a scale Cessna 172. Eddie also gave Justin full scale flight manuals to study for his pilot’s license. They developed a great friendship through flight. Eddie passed away in 1989. Justin went on to fly R/C aircraft inspired by Eddie Gray. RIP Eddie Gray † – 1989.

Justin graduated from college in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in video production. A passion for video and flight merged. The introduction of (Fpv) first person view flying came soon after. In 2005 Justin began experienting and building home made camera gimbals in his shop. Using an R/C helicopter called the Trex 700 to shoot aerial video of R/C Fly-In events in North Carolina. Using his aerial video skills he was one of the first to make event videos for AMA Sponsored Events in his home district. During those years of R/C modeling he learned so much from AMA members at various home fields.

Drone Camps RC was founded in 2014.
The basis of Drone Camps was founded on passing it forward to inspire and educate new R/C pilots. A hobby store and education center was opened in NC in 2014. The store is now closed. The mission did not die there. Justin continues to help millions around the world. Making hundreds of tutorial videos and honest R/C reviews to help new pilots. These videos are taught in very basic and easy to understand terminology. He also assists companies around the world (at no charge) to help develop and test new R/C aircraft. Now Drone Camps helps make new pilots fly safer every day.

“Every day I’m driven to teach new pilots something.
So they can pass on to the next pilot.”

source dronecamps.com

Justin Davis
Founder, Drone Camps RC USA

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