Download Xiaomi YI Mirrorless Android application v.2.0.0

Apr 15, 2017

Get ready to capture perfect moments with superb image and video quality.

Xiaomi YI Mirrorless

Download Xiaomi YI Mirrorless Android application v.2.0.0_20170412 from here or here. (YI Mirrorless_com.xiaoyi.mirrorlesscamera v2.0.0.apk – 21.43 MB). Download previous version Xiaomi YI Mirrorless Android application v.1.1.8 from here.

Xiaomi YI Mirrorless Application description

1. Redefining the MILC with 20 million pixels + 4k video.
Standing on the shoulder of giants, YI MILC is equipped with the newest Sony M4/3 system IMX269 AQR sensor giving it an expressive 20-million-pixel resolution. Color and tone transition will be vividly depicted, bringing you an ultimate high quality visual experience.
2. BLE Bluetooth real time connection. Share your images in an instant.
YI camera can maintain a connection to your phone through low-power BLE Bluetooth. Share your life’s moments with our friendly APP that enables you to download images and share to social platforms easily.
3. Master Guide, a revolutionizer in portrait shooting.
YI MILC captures the pain points of photographer beginners and introduces a revolutionizing portrait shooting feature‘Master Guide’. Templates in Master Guide are based on experiences of world-class portrait photographers. The camera will automatically adjust settings in accordance with the templates. All you need to do is to guide your model with help from the templates and press the shutter button. Become a master in an instant!
4. Smart firmware update designed with internet thinking.
The YI Mirrorless App will automatically notify you when there is a firmware upgrade available. You can quickly download new firmware and upgrade your camera and lens to experience the newest features.

YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Get ready to capture perfect moments with superb image and video quality. YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera provides stunning photos with the lastest Sony 20MP image sensor delivering accurate color reproduction and the finest tone curve. YI M1 uses 20 effective megapixel image sensor, the highest standard in MFT (Micro Four Thirds system), to deliver the most accurate color and finest image detail. BLE Bluetooth establishes a reliable connection between YI M1 and your smartphone. Wi-Fi is automatically turned on to quickly download and share photos from your camera. The Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount system emphasizes versatility and creativity. It sets a standard for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. YI M1 with MFT lens mount is compact in size, perfect in pixel, reaching the ultimate balance of portability and quality. Over 50+ lenses compatible with MFT lens mount, providing flexibility and preference in your lens selection. Your camera, your lens choice.


It is strongly recommended that all Android users should upgrade their firmware to v2.0-int or above to access the new Remote Control feature.
1, Added Remote Control feature. Turn your smart phone into a remote control, and make shooting easier than ever.
2, Added 18 more Master Guide templates to suit all kinds of shooting scenarios.
3, Added Master Guide 101 in the main page and “Mine”.
4, Supports photo import from system album.
5, Improved stability and bug fixes.

Xiaomi YI Mirrorless

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