Download Yeelight Application v2.1.07

Jul 15, 2016

Yeelight Lamp is smart and easy to use. You can even control it with your phone. It will certainly bring you brand new experiences with lights.


Download Android Application latest version 2.1.07 from here, here or here. (Yeelight_com.yeelight.cherry v2.1.07.apk – 8.25 MB).

Application description

Night mode. When you wake up at midnight, swiping the touch wheel on the top will turn on the lamp with gentle lights which make your eyes conformtable and avoid disturbing your family.

Sleep timer. You like falling asleep with light on? Bingo! Yeelight lamp could turn off automatically after the time you set.

Phone control. You could connect your phone to apllication with Bluetooth 4.0 to set brightness, color, color tempreture as well as color flow with 16M colors. It will bring you totally different experiences!

What’s new?

• Support multi-zone timer settings of bulb.
• Optimize notification bar;
• Add “Geek mode” for yeelight bulb;
• Bug fix.

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