Download Xiaomi MiWiFi Router Android App v3.0.2 English Version

May 13, 2017

Xiaomi MiWiFi Router App is designed specifically for Xiaomi users with Xiaomi smartphones or tablets together with Xiaomi router.

Xiaomi MiWiFi

Download Xiaomi MiWiFi Router Android App v3.0.2 English Version from here or here. (小米WiFi_com.xiaomi.router v3.0.2.apk – 19.79 MB). Download previous version from here. Download develepor version from here. Download previous stable version 2.2.31 from here.

Application Description

View and manage devices connected to Mi Router.
Set unique permissions and bandwidth limits for individual devices.
Sync, back up, or share documents, photos, music, and movies.
Download videos and music directly to router.
Get more out of your router with amazing plug-ins from third-party developers.

What’s New

* Brand new Home page with gorgeous animations
* Key information on the device list presented in a more readable way
* Added icons for common actions to deliver an intuitive user experience
* New, simple, and efficient interface
* Optimized search, popular content pops up right away
* New intuitive Downloads list
* Support for slide gestures
* Revamped settings

New Features

Added notice about vulnerable Mi Accounts
Added application mode for WeChat Friends Wi-Fi to help devices with no WeChat installed connect
Added feature for clearing cache to solve the problem when cache influenced router’s productivity
Added Task manager with improved design
Added settings for dual-band Wi-Fi. Now the router will choose the best signal among 2.4G and 5G networks
Added Mi Account info and profile pic
Added automatic diagnostics for Wi-Fi speed boost
Added bandwidth allocation for Guest Wi-Fi
Added diagnostics and notifications for recovery mode
Added support for S.M.A.R.T info in file system scans and recovery mode
Added details for images
Added recently viewed videos
Improved protection for temporary downloads
Fixed bugs in transfer’s progress bar
Fixed the issue with special characters in Guest Wi-Fi’s name
Fixed the bug which made the app crash while browsing the gallery
Optimized internal storage plug-in
Fixed the file system scan notifications bugs
Fixed file transfer bugs
Fixed the issue when location was not available when only one router was associated with the account
Fixed the bug which made it impossible to back up photos after previous backups where deleted
Fixed bugs which made Xunlei page crash
Optimized timer switch. Now the info is saved after confirmation
Fixed the problem when Qzone crashed while sharing
Fixed the issue when the app crashed while backing up photos
Fixed the bug which showed a USB error on the downloads’ page


What do you think about this new version of Xiaomi MiWiFi Router?

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