Download Xiaomi Mi VR Android Application v1.1.6

Apr 21, 2017

Xiaomi Mi VR is an open platform which cooperates with many international suppliers to provide you with interesting and diverse content that would meet all modern requirements.

Xiaomi Mi VR

Download Xiaomi Mi VR Android Application latest version 1.1.6 from here or here. (小米VR_com.mi.dlabs.vr.hulk v1.1.6.apk – 42.34 MB). Download previous version 1.0.35 from here.

Xiaomi Mi VR Android Description

Xiaomi Mi VR application puts virtual reality on your smartphone. Xiaomi Mi VR application helps you launch your favorite VR experiences, discover new apps, and set up a viewer.

To fully enjoy this app you’ll need Xiaomi Mi VR Glasses.

New experience with Mi VR Glasses. Mi VR Glasses is a new high-quality format of video viewing that exceeds all expectations. Get amazing emotions and a new image perception experience with any smartphone with a screen diagonal ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches. The surface of Mi VR Glasses is made of lycra, so they are extremely pleasant to the skin. Together with an innovative design, it makes watching 3D videos very comfortable, no matter how long will it last.

High-quality volumetric image. Virtual reality is a great way to expand your boundaries. This modern device from Xiaomi is able to take you to a completely new environment and help to escape from the surrounding reality, wherever you are. Put on the glasses, look around and assess the situation — what do you see in front of your eyes? Perhaps it is a sandy beach and endless sea, snow-capped mountain peaks or tropical forests? Panoramic videos or images allow you to consider all the details — by raising or lowering the head, you can explore these beautiful landscapes from all directions.

Additional reality. With Mi VR Glasses you do not need to search for a nearby cinema, just find a good quality video, grab your favorite earphones, put on a headset and arrange a movie night at your home! Your living room will turn into your personal cinema and a new fascinating world will be opened to you.

User-friendly interface. For a comfortable immersion into an alternate reality, Mi VR Glasses have a thought-out design, as well as a specially developed 3D APP interface. Most operations, such as video switching, require just a head movement. After placing the smartphone in a specially designed compartment, you will not need to extract it for each operation and interrupt the journey.


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