Comparison between iPhone X and Mi MIX 2S by Xiaomi France

May 25, 2018

Young French team Xiaomi attacks hard. With a comparison between iPhone X and Mi MIX 2S by Xiaomi France.

Comparison between iPhone X and Mi MIX 2S

The official Facebook page of Xiaomi in France recently showed a courageous comparison. I think it’s the first time I see a comparison of MI so obvious between Xiaomi and competitors. Another market. Other Characters. I like the new marketing.

I’ll let you discover the differences between the two products yourself. I only stop at one. Price.
– iPhoneX : 1159 euro / 1260 euro
– Mi MIX 2S : 499.9 euro / 500 euro

Xiaomi has taken the main advantage. High performance products at minimum sale prices. This advantage helped them to put themselves on the Indian market. A highly competitive and competitive market. It remains to be seen if it will help to impose itself on an already mature market.

This morning I think Xiaomi France will be a training ground for those who will coordinate Xiaomi US. The day will come when Xiaomi will officially open a store in the US.

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