Be careful if you have installed Android 8.0 Oreo for the Mi A1

Xiaomi posted the kernel source code for the Mi A1.

We truly understand the importance of kernel source for your customized ROM development experience. Our dedicated team has worked hard and today we are announcing the release of kernel sources for our Android One device Mi A1.

The kernel source code for Mi A1 is available for download on GitHub here:

After solving software bugs, there have been some problems with the battery and the fingerprint sensor. These have been quickly resolved by the technical support team.

Two observations.

Test teams were superficial. Otherwise, I do not explain how these problems so quickly appeared. Testing a new version does not mean using it for a few minutes looking at the new graphics layout. Testing a new version means first of all to use your smartphone at an alert pace. See if it stays stable when requirements rise.

We have talks about false news and ways to remove them. According to experts, the only way to stop false news is to increase the credibility of information sources. I understand why Xiaomi still avoids press releases. But I can not understand why they agree to use alternatives to post important files. I’m waiting for the day that all the Mi download buttons go to a Xiaomi server.

by Tudorel - date 31 Jan 2018

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