Car Outlet Air Freshener at MIOT Crowdfunding platform

Sep 13, 2018

Xiaomi and its GUILDFORD Company continue rapid developing of grocery products at the MIOT Crowdfunding Platform. Car Outlet Air Freshener – is a must-have for your car.

Car Outlet Air Freshener

This small device is made of aluminum, the surface is matte. The length is less than 9 cm. I would have preferred the dimensions to be a little smaller and have more gripping systems. I regret that we fixed various car odorants on the ventilation system clips. Now almost all are broken. Some of them I broke when I fixed it. The others were broken at the car wash.

One advantage is the ability to adjust the intensity of flavor and volatilization speed. This feature is extremely important for those who occasionally drive with the car. Why consume the car when the car is left unused in a car park while we are on vacation? I have noticed that there are people who prefer a strong odor and people who feel a discomfort to a faint smell. The ability to adjust volatilization speed is beneficial in such situations.

There are three types of fragrances to choose from: lemon, orange, and olive. The aroma extract is natural and safe for children and pregnant. This is an extremely important detail. Eye infections due to air conditioning inside the car and chemicals from various odorants have greatly increased in recent years.

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