Business model of Xiaomi: Internet platform + Hardware + New retail

Nov 2, 2017

There are three pillars of our business model: 1. Internet platform 2. Hardware 3. New retail

What I liked from the beginning at Xiaomi was how they come and say how they think. They come out and publish their strategy. Contrary to business recommendations that urge us to keep secret as much as possible from these plans. I’m aware of Xiaomi’s secrets. Secrets it keeps with full responsibility. However, they recognize what they have. They recognize how they think. They help their fans come out of their narrow circle and watch the extended circle. It is well known that a fan who manages to position himself in front of the other members of a community is more productive.

Yes. And here we talk about productivity. A fan has to produce. He has to send a message. You have to buy a product. A fan who does nothing produces is a fan waiting for help. Here is another difference. In European and American marketing textbooks, a fan who does nothing produces is a fan who no longer deserves attention. He is a fan who will be abandoned. It is no longer important to them.

We live in a time when we learn to use technology to our advantage. Personal advantage and community advantage. According to some experts, there is a period in which technology will replace most of the jobs currently occupied by people. However, linkages within communities will be decisive. No matter how much technology will evolve, the community will continue to remain the foundation of society. Experts at Xiaomi know this apparently insignificant detail.

This graph has an equally important goal. The one to show us what are the available Xiaomi facilities. It is known that most gadget users use them at a low capacity. Because of lack of education. I do not know that those gadgets can do more. If they have managed to position themselves, they will be able to look around. They will see that people next to them use them for other purposes. Learn and evolve. That’s the secret.

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