Best Buy! KUMI GW5 NFC Smart Watch for only $29.99 @ Aliexpress

Jun 12, 2023

Best Deal Alert! You can now buy KUMI GW5 NFC Smart Watch from for only $29.99 (regular price: $59.99), with free shipping. Hurry up, limited time offer, it expires on 2023.06.18 23:59 PST!

KUMI GW5 Main Features
– Biometric Monitoring, Quick and Effective measurement. Adopting the latest Biometric Monitoring technologyand using high-precision sensors, it can identifywhether it is worn or not, and judge whether it is areal person; only after the recognition is successfulthe watch starts to detect.This technology has highaccuracy and stability, and can monitor your healthindicators in realtime through high-precision healthmonitoring technology
– One-Core & Dual-Mode. Equipped with a new generation of single-coredual-mode Bluetooth chip, APP and Bluetoothaudio can be connected with one button, andthe connection is more stable, bringing asmoother and more convenient experience
– High heart rate reminder, Do not exercise too much. High heart rate reminder, when the heart rate is toohigh or too fast during exercise, the watch willactively remind you to fully grasp the healthstatus of your body
– Real-time bloodpressure measurement – Health Butler. Built-in a new generation of PPG biological trackingoptical sensor, when you are tired from work or afterexercise, you can take a test and adiust the status intime to firmly grasp your health
– Sleep monitoring, Record sleep quality. Intelligently record sleep conditions, judge the stateof deep sleep and light sleep, clearly display, andsleep conditions are clear at a glance
– 100+ Sports modes, Experience differentsports pleasure. A variety of modes provide more vitality optionscooperate with professional exercise algorithmsmonitor and analyze heart rate, exercise durationand calorie consumption, and help you improveexercise efficiency.

About KUMI. KUMI is a global trademark registered in 2014. KUMI offers smart hardware including smartwatches, fitness bands, wireless earphones, GaN quick charger, and equipment related to health and sports. KUMI is a global internet brand with a group of young and creative people. We are a national high tech company in China with an advanced and experienced R & D team, dedicated production crew and technical services. Our mission is to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology. Our slogan: “We believe, we can”. KUMI Electronic ltd. was founded in 2019 as a professional smart wearable manufacturer, providers. Our CEO Guo has over 10 years working experience in smartwatch, earphone R&D, manufacturing and project management. As of 2021, KUMI’s business covers online and offline terminals in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. We won the honor of the top 10 smart wearable brands in the industry, and get 20 million fans worldwide! Our team is young, dreamy, and full of passion. We want to be friends of users and explore endless possibilities together! We strive to bring more high-end products to all people all over the world. KUMI’s journey is the sea of stars, now join us and believe “I believe, I can! We believe We can!”

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