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Sep 10, 2019

According to a tweet by Xiaomi India managing director Manu Jain one of the products to be launched in a few days in India is Mi Band 4.

Mi Band 4 is a new model of one of the most popular fitness bracelet series by Xiaomi. The device will become an indispensable assistant for professional sports and daily physical activity monitoring. The model is equipped with a 0.95 inches colorful AMOLED display with a 240*120 pixels resolution.

In terms of hardware performance, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 uses a new generation of processors, performance is stronger than the previous generation, lower power consumption, the original 3-axis acceleration sensor upgraded to 6-axis motion sensor, the monitoring of motion more sensitive and comprehensive. While increasing the wearing detection sensor, the heart rate sensor has been upgraded to improve the performance of the heart rate sensor, because the principle of monitoring heart rate is the use of photoelectric sensors, so most of these products in monitoring the darker skin of the user’s heart rate will be more power consumption, but after upgrading the heart rate sensor, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Heart rate monitoring for black skin users can also maintain relatively good power consumption and performance.

In motion monitoring function, because the sensor is elevated to the 3-axis acceleration sensor 3-axis gyroscope also supports 5ATM level waterproofing, so Xiaomi Mi Band 4 supports different swimming posture monitoring, but also according to artificial intelligence to the user’s swimming action to give professional advice, running and walking monitoring also support similar functions.

Because of the change of the full-color screen, so Xiaomi Mi Band 4 of the overall power consumption is still higher than the Millet bracelet 3, in order to ensure the life, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 battery capacity is 135mAh, compared to the previous generation of the same can provide 20 days of life, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 of the NFC version of a shorter life, It’s 15 days.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet meets your daily needs. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a more focused lifestyle, it’s perfect for your fitness goals. Easy access to pedometers, sleep monitors and reminders so you can use the app to visualize your progress. A variety of custom dials can easily respond to every scene and easily express every emotion.

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If in the previous years we were talking about a dissatisfaction of the Indian fans regarding the launch in their country of older products now we are witnessing the local launch of some top products recently entered in the list of Xiaomi products.

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