About 40% of Xiaomi’s total revenue now comes from outside mainland China

Sep 11, 2019

A year ago some Xiaomi shareholders were in a hurry to sell their Xiaomi shares at a modest price. Now the situation is completely different. Current shareholders are watching Xiaomi grow.

Slow. Prudent. Strategic. Xiaomi has continued its dream of offering products at the lowest prices and has won new tech markets. The big US market is still waiting amid rising U.S. – China trade tensions.

“The U.S. market, I think, is no doubt the most important market, for everyone. We are still very, very young. Our challenge — one of the biggest challenges: the resources. U.S. market is very, very different.” said Xiang Wang, Xiaomi’s global senior vice president and head of international business, told CNBC at its Beijing headquarters (source cnbc.com)

The moment Xiaomi decides to enter the US market is extremely important. It may lead to an increase in external revenues but may generate new legislative tensions. We can witness an increase of more than 60% of the external income but also a significant decrease.

For now, we can only watch the evolution of this percentage. Will increase? Will it decrease? Does Xiaomi have the resources to deal with the markets where it is present?

Xiaomi claims to have more than 190 million connected devices being used under its ecosystem. The big winner will not be the one with the most units sold. The big winner will be the one who manages to control a larger market from the services used with these interconnected devices.

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