Over 25 million Xiaomi smartphones sold in India

Xiaomi has sold more than 25 Million phones in India till now, since our first phone launch in July 2014.


I have always recognized the respect i have for the Xiaomi team in India. It is the best team team in the Xiaomi group. It is true that the smart market in India is a market in training. Perhaps this is also the real challenge. How do i manage to form it? How they manage to identify their real expectations and meet their expectations. How I manage to prepare them for the future for products already in research laboratories.

The results are on their side. The number of units sold increases. The number of fans is growing. The number of fan clubs is growing. The number of products on the Indian market is rising. The number of publishers in India is growing. This growth confirms the professionalism of the Xiaomi team in India.

Try to imagine what will happen in a few years. When Xiaomi goes to the next level of the plan. I have written about this plan. All these Xiaomi fans – young people attracted to the smart world at an affordable price – will become more than a few years old adults who will trust the smart services offered by the Xiaomi group. Then the talks will be on another level.

It is said that man sanctifies the place. When comparing the performance of this team with those of other Xiaomi teams, I am right to this expression. For example, I have not heard anything about Xiaomi’s evolution on the Russian market. The prudence of the US and EU markets is understandable. But what about Russia? Increase sales?

by Bayan Temur - date 31 Aug 2017

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