Xiaomi Mi Band 2 does not work on people of color?

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 it has trouble reading the heart rate of people who have a dark skin complexion?

It seems that discussions about possible problems Xiaomi bracelet have not finished. Complaints made Mi band 2 heart rate sensor not working in dark skin people, tried on different people they were taken recently phandroid.com. And here came back and on social networks.

And this time missing views of black people who have tested these bracelets. I have reason to believe that some of them were posted on fictitious accounts sake of a longer discussion-generating online traffic. This situation says a lot about Xiaomi fans. When talking about new articles teaser a few minutes. When there is a potential problem that can be easily refuted or confirmed evidence of late.

Who should answer this question? Xiaomi? Xiaomi fans? Testers? Online stores? I believe that everyone should come up with an answer. Including us. Users online environment. I’m sure that at least one black person tested this bracelet. Go or not? Why not post a video with proof? Or a color tester who earn money from the number of hits? Why do not you and order a bracelet and a personal test?

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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by Bayan Temur - date 9 Jan 2017

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