Xiaomi Launches Mi AI Speaker

Xiaomi Launches Mi AI Speaker – An all rounded helper for your day to day activities through the radar!

Mi AI Speaker

Among those passionate about gadgets based on AI, it resumes a sensitive subject for a certain period of time. Which is the fastest means of communicating with these gadgets. Rapid. Not sure. Here we are not talking about security. Security in this area is an extremely complex subject. Here we talk about speed. About banal talks. The answer continues to remain – verbal communication.

I noticed that Mi AI Speaker it was recently released by Xiaomi was neglected by some tech publishers. There were indeed other seemingly more important subjects. In the short term, i can say that they were more important. In the long run, i believe that through this product Xiaomi is trying to prepare for what will follow in the near future. I remind you that the Xiaomi MI5X has a verbal communication function with AI. Listen to what you say and show you a possible answer on screen.

The Mi Ai speaker is in excellent sound quality with six-microphone array.

You can you do with Mi AI Speaker:
– Play music
– Ask any kind of question such as weather, traffic, translation…
– Control home appliance
– Set alarms
– Take notes
by simply asking it with one sentence!

For starters. I’m sure the list of these possibilities will be extended to the next version.

by Bayan Temur - date 28 Jul 2017

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