Xiaomi launched Portable Walkie-Talkie

Are you ready for a vacation in areas without internet? I recommend you Portable Walkie-Talkie.

Even if the price fell considerably talks on the phone there is no signal areas. These areas are sought after by those who want to spend a holiday without internet. They will remain offline. Resisting the temptation to want to check their emails, messages on social networks, the evolution of online revenues. They forget for a few days or Internet. But they can communicate with them.

Portable Walkie-Talkie

Surprisingly, many people are isolated temporarily online. Usually these are people with above average income and who know the current technological possibilities. Especially for them, Xiaomi has launched a new gadget. It sounds like a gadget exceeded. For connoisseurs is the ideal device for offline vacations.

Portable Walkie-Talkie

The new kid on the block in the walkie-talkie category is MiJia Portable Walkie-Talkie. It supports UHF frequency range of 403–470 MHz and VHF frequency range of 136—174MHz. Within the city, there are multiple obstructions for the signal to come through easily, e.g. tall buildings or electronic gadgets. However, in the densely populated areas, this walkie-talkie is said to have a maximum range of 6 km. Should you use it in clear area or wilderness you will be able to keep in contact with people 10 km away. Noise reduction technology allows to easily pick up what others are saying. If you are tired of talking, you can listen to the radio.

The gadget has several hands-free capabilities. This walkie-talkie sports a voice-activated system that allows to start conversation without pushing the button. It is also equipped with a headphone jack for your headset.

MiJia Portable Walkie-Talkie is equipped with a black-and-white LCD display that can show your current coordinates and lets you sends them to another walkie-talkie. There are a few buttons under the display for you to navigate the menu and perform basic operations. You can also determine others’ location on the map.

The walkie-talkie boards a 2600 mAh battery that needs 3 hours to fully recover. As a pay-off, it offers 8 days in a stand-by mode and 17 hours of normal usage. You will be able to get it colored in white or dark gray.

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