Xiaomi launched the “lazy” floor cushion chair

The Internet has changed our lifestyle. We want to stay comfortable in a floor chair and work in places that inspire us.

Communication possibilities made history. And will write next. Traditional houses were abandoned. People have moved to the city. Pollution. Stress. Time spent on the road. Some began to return to hometowns. And keep jobs. I am one of them. How we do it? Simple. With Internet. Some colleagues are in the office. I sit on the terrace. I with faithful dog. Trees bloom. And are comfortable. Breathe fresh air. And work effectively.

floor cushion chair

I made this introduction with a clear purpose. New product launched by Xiaomi is not just for those who are on vacation. It can be used by those who work from home. It has a pocket tablet. I went on the waiting list. I will order soon.

floor cushion chair

The “lazy” chair is made out of environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic materials. For the stuffing the expanded polystyrene geofoam (EPS) was used. The beads of EPS are small but they still can give a little message effect. One of the ways to tell if the quality of such chairs is good is to inspect their seams. Xiaomi’s bean bag chair is well-made and two people can easily nest in it without making it rip and start leaking.

This lounge chair has two cases: the one, where the foam is kept, is made out of lycra, the outer detachable case is 100% duck canvas. It is easy to take off and on using YKK zipper and it can be washed in a washing machine. The chair also includes one side pocket for your books, devices etc.

The chair measures 65×65×43 cm and weighs 6 kg. The product will be available in grey, brown and dark blue, which allows you to tote it all over your backyard or anywhere outdoors.

by Bayan Temur - date 30 Mar 2017

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