Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, spoke about AI during a recent press conference in China

Lei Jun opened this topic. I was wondering when Xiaomi will publicly acknowledge that they are interested in AI.

For those who closely monitor trends of social services it is obvious that AI will make the difference between success and losers. This is the road opened by Enigma. The first computer.

lei jun

Xiaomi has understood this trend. This is why investing in various products. Products can communicate easily with each other. And AI soon. It is obvious that AI is an important piece of their plan.

I met people who claimed that Xiaomi beats the retreat. They just are preparing carefully for the year in which we agree to coexistence with AI. Do you remember the first projects based VR? There have been a failure. Why? Because they have been launched too early. We’re just starting to use virtual reality.

Xiaomi smartphones gives us quality. We offer devices with applications. We offer smart payment methods. Certainly they will offer AI. Perhaps that is the main part of their plan for 10 years.

Another reason for being cautious is the cyber security problems we face. Nowadays people do not have confidence in gadgets. They are afraid. It is afraid that a stranger can find passwords and have access to personal data. AI definitely needs. He needs reliable.

Who will be able to have the best AI will be the big winner. Regardless of the country where it is produced. That’s for sure. It will sabotage each other and only the strongest will survive. I hope to Xiaomi be one of them.

by Bayan Temur - date 9 Mar 2017

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