Xiaomi and Aqara launched Aqara Smart Curtain Controller

Aqara Smart Curtain Controller – for those who feel comfortable in a technological home.

Who was saying that Xiaomi is just a smartphone? Xiaomi becomes objects that can connect to the smartphone. It will take some years before these objects are accessible to all families. Several years. Then we will consider all these objects as we are now unnecessary.

Do we need a device to pull the curtain alone? When the sun shines. When we want to sleep more. When we want to open the bottle of champagne. Yes. We. Because we have less and less time for us. If we want to be able to afford to respect we need objects to help us. We need intelligent objects to take over some of our tasks.

What i find interesting about how Xiaomi promotes its products is how they integrate financial education. We all know that we are deficient in this chapter. And vulnerable to those who know how to sell their products. Xiaomi teaches us how to protect our goods. It teaches us how to increase their lifespan. For example, in this case, Xiaomi teaches us that Aqara Smart Curtain Controller can protect our furniture from strong light when we are not home.

Aqara Smart Curtain Controller

Aqara Smart Curtain Controller allows you to have a full control over how much shade you want to have in your room. It is managed through an app on your smartphone or with a press of a button on a remote control that also comes in the kit. The device is only suitable for vertical blinds, but hopefully, Aqara develops motorized lifts soon as well.

The curtain controller has a powerful but quite motor. When it works it creates almost no noise (30dB) thus it will not distract. If the curtain gets stuck the motor will stop to prevent the damage to curtain fabric. The rollers operate smoothly and at the same speed to provide perfect alignment.

The application the device comes with is very functional. For example, you can schedule your curtains to open and shut at a definite time. That option especially comes in handy if you have plants in your room that need a specific amount of light every day or if you worry that your furniture, which is always exposed to the sun, may fade. The innards of the controller have an overheat protection themselves to ensure stable operation under high temperatures.

Through the app you can also configure the degree to what the curtains automatically open and close and it is absolutely brilliant if no one is at home. For better home security you can simulate your presence in the house by making the blinds open and shut.

Aqara Smart Curtain Controller can also sync with your smart home system using ZigBee protocol. After the synchronization, it will be able to trigger the curtains to open when you approach the window and close when you walk away.

by Bayan Temur - date 8 May 2017

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