“There’s a huge audience of tech enthusiasts here,” said Hugo Barra

“There’s a huge audience of tech enthusiasts here,” Hugo Barra told CNET, who served as Google’s Android VP before moving to Xiaomi in Beijing. “Brands in the US become global brands.”

In US there are huge audience of tech enthusiasts. And very curious. Rate challenges. I understand technological expressions. They are the ones who rely Xiaomi to open their doors to the US market. It is known that the communication policy Xiaomi is not based on official press releases. They rely on online communities. These communities take the information transmitted on different channels and propagate them fast and free. Interviews of known publications are meant to convey a message of some influential people.

In mass media discuss the importance of screening information. A businessman does not have time to pursue discussions on social networks. He prefers to follow certain publications that offer credible information transmitted. He wants to see the conclusion of discussions.

hugo barra

I said in a previous article that I would prefer that online publishers who deciphers the images teasers such messages to be rewarded by Xiaomi. I do not mean authors who manages high-traffic websites or online communities. On her know that her renumereaza. I refer to those who confirm that they have a high level of training and who understand first message sent. Editors do not want copy paste. Editors want to see where we do not see anything.

by Bayan Temur - date 10 Jan 2017

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