8 Mar 2017

Lei Jun head of Xiaomi has stated that they are working on a new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 smartphone and would also be ramping up the production   … read article

16 Dec 2016

Xiaomi fans in china believes Mi Mix 2 should feature a 99% screen coverage across the front One of the great disappointments of Xiaomi fans since its   … read article

28 Nov 2016

The next flash sale for the Xiaomi Mi MIX will take place this coming Tuesday, November 29th, at 10am in China. I’m curious to see how the   … read article

21 Nov 2016

Xiaomi is selling the Mi Mix in China only. It doesn’t support LTE bands for service in the US. In recent days i have received several messages   … read article

17 Nov 2016

What do you do when you meet a maximum quality review? You keep for yourself and get information from him or recommend it to friends? I chose   … read article

17 Nov 2016

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11 Nov 2016

Xiaomi hundreds of fans are waiting in front of a store in China to buy Mi Mix and Mi Note 2. After two days i said in   … read article

9 Nov 2016

All Xiaomi Mi Mix units sold in just 30 seconds and all Xiaomi Mi Note 2 units sold in just 60 seconds. Why not say how many   … read article

4 Nov 2016

Mi Mix was listed as out of stock in just 10 seconds after Xiaomi‘s official website opened for sales of the device. All Xiaomi Mi Note 2   … read article

26 Oct 2016

The front camera as video conferences would be a must for many, placing it at the bottom part of the smartphone Mi Mix body. And for the   … read article