3 Mar 2017

The Xiaomi next smartphone will be announced next month on April 16. Will be Xiaomi Mi 6? The report it further highlights that the Mi 6 will   … read article

1 Feb 2017

Xiaomi Mi 6 could feature lower clocked Snapdragon 835 chips or an older version. In recent weeks all read articles about Snapdragon 835. We discuss the negotiations   … read article

16 Jan 2017

Xiaomi’s co-founder and VP, Li Wanqiang, was attending the Geek Park innovation conference quite recently, and during the conference, he said that Xiaomi is preparing a surprise   … read article

15 Jan 2017

Internal leaks of the Xiaomi Mi 6 prototype testing have revealed interesting specs. • Display: Now the latest model of Xiaomi that is Xiaomi Mi6 is expected   … read article

10 Jan 2017

The AnTuTu score for Xiaomi Mi 6 rakes in at an impressive 210,329, which is higher than the record score of 183,106 of iPhone 7 Plus. If   … read article

4 Jan 2017

Xiaomi, ASUS and Samsung had been mentioned as contenders to release the first Snapdragon 835-powered smartphone this year announced recently by Qualcomm at CES 2017. We all   … read article

26 Nov 2016

Xiaomi Mi 6 and Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphones to feature Snapdragon 835. When intersele are common wise collaborates competitors. About a week ago, Qualcomm   … read article