7 Apr 2017

Indians prefer Xiaomi over Samsung, Apple according to an article posted on indiatimes.com Xiaomi India has become the number one selling smartphone brand in the online market,   … read article

8 Mar 2017

I waited updates intentions Xiaomi US market. And they came. Message with: will expand into the overseas markets gradually. “It takes time and resources to learn about   … read article

28 Feb 2017

Rajeev Suri, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nokia wants new salespeople as it signs Xiaomi deal in non-telco push Remember the grievances expressed at the beginning   … read article

20 Feb 2017

Xiaomi is likely to soon procure licence to operate its own branded outlets in India, as part of its effort to increase its offline distribution in coming   … read article

10 Feb 2017

Xiaomi has begun phone assembly in a facility in Batam, Indonesia, the Chinese company announced today. This move allows it to obtain the necessary approval to sell   … read article

6 Feb 2017

“I would want Xiaomi to become number one in overall smartphone sales volume perspective in India in 3-5 years” Xiaomi India head Manu Jain told ET. I   … read article

30 Jan 2017

After getting the approval from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the Xiaomi is all set to officially launch its operations in Pakistan. It seems that Xiaomi has   … read article

23 Jan 2017

In a Wired report, Liu De, who cofounded Xiaomi in 2010, said he plans to extend the company‚Äôs business model of investing in companies and giving them   … read article

12 Jan 2017

Xiaomi has announced partnership with B2X, which is one of the leading smartphone service providers in India. Both companies also have a similar tie-up in Europe where   … read article

12 Jan 2017

Xiaomi chief executive Lei Jun says mobile phone firm grew too quickly. Said the firm needed to “slow down”. According to an article on bbc.com Xiaomi has   … read article