Mi Laser Projector will do everything automatically

Mi Laser Projector will do everything automatically, and thanks to a short focal length it can project an image from a distance of 50cm. And it will be a high-quality Full HD picture with a 150-inch diagonal.

I admit. I’m a fan of the projectors. I love the cinema in my own home. Thanks to the internet now i can see what movie i want at what time i want. I sit comfortably on the couch and play. It is essential to have a performance equipment. I recommend a system to optimize the configuration itself.

Mi Laser Projector

The laser projector perfectly fits into any interior thanks to the classic design, and its dimensions are 410×291×88 mm, making it portable.
According to the declared characteristics, the value of the light flux is 5000 Lumens, and the contrast is 3000:1, which you can see in cinemas today.

The projector is designed in such way that it diffuses light from the light source, reducing eye strain. The device uses a laser light source from the company Appotronics and is equipped with a DLP-element from Texas Instruments.

The system has a built-in speaker with two high-frequency and two low-frequency speakers, which support Dolby Digital and DTS and create a “cinema-like” sound. Also, the device supports three types of external audio connections. For other connections, the device is equipped with HDMI, USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port and a Wi-Fi module.
The manufacturer declares that the device has a working life of 25 000 hours, which means that if you watch movies every day for two hours, the device will work for 34 years. Is not it impressive? In addition, the projector has the same built-in smart content assistant as Xiaomi Mi TVs.

Mi Laser Projector comes with a remote control, which makes it very convenient to control. You can also download the application and manage the laser projector via a smartphone.
Xiaomi made a wonderful device, which is able to compete with TVs. Now your favorite movies in excellent quality and sound are always with you. And the quality of the assembly and a great life expectancy confirms the fact that the developers have been working on

by Bayan Temur - date 28 Jul 2017

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