Download Xiaomi Roidmi Driver Android Application v2.0.6

Xiaomi Roidmi Driver Android Application requires Roidmi Car Bluetooth Charger Adapter & Player to work with.

Xiaomi Roidmi Driver

Download Xiaomi Roidmi Driver Android Application latest version 2.0.6 for Roidmi Car Bluetooth Charger Adapter & Player from here or here. (RoidmiDriver_com.raymi.mifm v2.0.6.apk – 19.48 MB). Download previous version 2.0.4 from here.

Xiaomi Roidmi Driver Android App v2.0.6 details

Connected to music Bluetooth car charger, providing Radio FM music playing, exchange the song by shaking your phone and so on.

Xiaomi Roidmi Driver Android App v2.0.6 changelog

1. Repair som Bug.

Roidmi Car Bluetooth Charger Adapter & Player

Xiaomi ROIDMI is a car charger but with the addition of Bluetooth and FM function. Intelligent technology,smaller and stronger. Delicate and intelligent car music player. Powerful car charger. Bluetooth 4.0 FM playing technology and USB output (3.1A) make it more convenient to enjoy music and charge devices. Compact design. Charges your mobile devices also makes it look neat in your car. It is perfectly suitable for the car owners.

Simple design. Simple is beautiful. Looks like a normal car charger, but much more than a car charger In the mobile digital era,car charger is very necessary. Our Car Bluetooth Player is not only a charger but also a high quality stereo music player. It has two universal USB charging port for charging mobile phones and other device, charging speed up to 3.1 amps overall. There’s no button on the car bluetooth player, all operations and adjusts will be done through APP.

Wireless projection,automatic connection. Wirelessly transmit phone call and music from Bluetooth mobile phone to the car FM stereo system by the Roidmi FM function. This product can play the music, audio novel,online audio from your phone or tablet PC non-destructive by your car’s stereo. Once set up pairs, it’ll connect to your device and play the audio automatically every time.

Listen to massive high-quality network audio at anytime. So many wonderful songs in my phone, how to enjoy them when driving? Connecting to the audio Apps in your phone via Roidmi Car Bluetooth Player, you can greatly enjoy music during driving for safety.Intelligent continued broadcasting function,the music will not break when you come to the car next time.

Xiaomi Roidmi Driver

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