Download Xiaomi MiTV Phone Assistant v1.5.3

Xiaomi MiTV Phone Assistant Android Application is designed specifically for Xiaomi users with Xiaomi smartphones or tablets.

Xiaomi MiTV Phone Assistant

Download Xiaomi MiTV Phone Assistant v1.5.3 from here or here. (投屏神器 v1.5.3.apk – 11.04 MB). Download previous version 1.5.2 from here.

Xiaomi MiTV Phone Assistant Android Application Description

Millet cast artifact screen by millet developed a smart TV screen cast software. When the phone and TV in the same wireless network, you can easily put your phone photos, videos projected on the TV, you can easily remote control smart TV. Built artifact millet millet TV screen cast video resources, millet phone can search for TV videos and play them on TV.

– Screen cast artifact. With a big screen TV to see photos, watch videos, play ideal for applications.
– Phone album invested in large-screen TV. HD 4k cast photo screen, speed and smooth, support for gestures to zoom and slide switch. The family began sitting together watching photo album.
– Mobile search videos projected onto TV. Direct TV phone lookup millet / millet box video, a key vote screen is very convenient. When projecting a video, you can also just play phone, do not affect the video player.
– Personal collection, take with playback history. No matter where, as long as millet or millet TV box at home and still and watch, like, or the original playback progress.
– Easy to install TV application. TV phone turned housekeeper, TV applications a key to install, uninstall. Built millet TV application store, nearly a thousand great apps for you to choose.
– Phone transfiguration touch screen remote control. Slide, tap and operate cell phones, do not worry about pressing the wrong. Can not find the TV remote control to play, too.

Xiaomi MiTV Phone Assistant Features

1. The cast film screen, you can easily browse, search for massive video library, video collection, or projected onto a button to start playing on your TV.
2. Without remote control can be remote or millet millet TV box. Touch the sliding direction, it can operate with eyes closed, those who need to bow rise abandon analog remote control it.
3. Photos screen cast to your phone self-timer photo or video to the TV, and watch it with your family. Double-click the image you tried it? Tweak the pictures?
4. Apply a key to install, a key to delete, manage TV application is very convenient.
5. The screen capture function, through the screenshots button at any time to intercept TV content, and share to micro-channel circle of friends.

Device models currently supporting cast

1. Millet TV
2 Millet box
3. Other brands under development, so stay tuned


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by Dan Stefan - date 24 Apr 2017

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